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Since 1976

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Pacific Data Capture has been at the forefront of communications via networks in general and the internet and its various services and facilities in specific since long before "the web" became a household concept. 

Consulting to all sizes of business and government on the creation and implementation of internet goods and services including vertically integrated products, ISP services, web-based products and services and sales/marketing tools and techniques.

Here at Pacific Data Capture we help you identify and manage the risks involved in all manner of internet and communications related systems and services including such broad categories as:

  • design and fulfillment of new product offerings (hardware, software, integration, manufacturing, deployment, installation and support, etc.)
  • pumping new life into ongoing business practices in light of the ongoing changes in our networked world. Beyond "Search Engine Optimization" to include all manner of cost justification and cost/benefit analysis on new and current systems - a fresh perspective with a bottom-line oriented approach.
  • security and business continuation considerations (design, physical, network, human resources, etc.)

Pacific Data Capture specializes in (but is by no means limited to) streaming systems implementing (live and pre-recorded) video and audio, interactive systems, integrated multi-product network and communications systems, integration of diverse network products into cohesive systems, cradle-to-grave network and communications product design strategies and management.